How many times have you needed child care at odd hours? Maybe you work an overnight shift or, maybe you have some other last-minute situation come up. I know when I was  single parent, I had to be sure I was able to pick up my son by 6:30 on weeknights, which wasn't always easy to do. And if you have shift work, you could just be out of luck. There is good news for parents in that situation, and that's a year-round, 24-hour child care center set to open in Victoria in December.

Childhood Unplugged is set to open in the next couple of weeks,  and the center's owner Kerri Matthews said it's something she's wanted to do for the past ten years.

Education will be a big part of the center's methods, and education director Lori Johnson described their strategy as learning through discovery, but also using technology. Community involvement will also be a part of the curriculum through service-based field trips like visits to nursing homes.

The center also plans to have a full commercial kitchen to serve healthy meals, and for children staying overnight, they will have an 8:30pm bedtime and will even be read to until they fall asleep.

20 full time employees have been hired with more expected as the center grows. Childhood Unplugged will accept kids up to 12 years old.

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