We Got One Thing On Our Mind

Ah, yes, Texas, don't you just love it? We have it so good here. Good friends, good food, amazing scenery, what more could we ask for? Well, there may still be one thing on Texans' minds: alcohol.

Ask and You Shall Recieve

We asked, and they delivered. Starting September 1, Texas will now allow alcoholic sales like beer and wine to be sold on Sundays beginning at 10 am. That is an extra two hours pushed back just for us. Two hours to get those bottles of booze and cans of brew.

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Now Is Not The Time For Speculations

Look, I am not here to judge or speculate as to why someone would be throwing bottles of Shiner in their cart at 10 am in HEB. No, I am just here to spread the news to those who need to hear this.

Let's be real; sometimes, a 10 am trip to the store is due after a long night out. But, you need the hair of the dog to get you through the aftermath. Not that I recommend partying your brains out or numbing it the following day with your liquid concoction, but it is what it is.

The Texas Agenda

So there it is; Sunday morning booze will be here soon. One thing Governor Abbott gets is the alcohol agenda. ABC 13 first reported back in May, Abbott had signed House Bill 1024 into effect. This bill solidified the alcohol to-go in Texas. Back when the pandemic was in full force, restaurants were given the green light to sell adult drinks to-go.


It was marvelous. You could work your 9 to 5 shift, then head to Las Palmas and pick up your margarita, the American dream. Bill 1024 means alcohol to-go is here to stay even after the pandemic has died down(oh thank goodness.)

So now we have booze to go and early Sunday morning tallboys. Here in Texas, we are just living our best life; one can at a time.

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