One Crossroads family had their holiday brightened up this year. The Jones family of four was hand-picked to receive a shopping spree on December 23rd. 

Many people have felt some extra stress this year, but some families in our community have been hit harder than others. One business in the Crossroads felt the desire to lift some extra burden off of one deserving family in the community. 


Kimberlite Homes announced on their Facebook earlier this month that they would be hosting the Christmas Wishlist 2020 event. The winner would receive an all-inclusive shopping spree at the local Target. 

Kimberlite took to social media to encourage people to enter or nominate themself or a deserving family. Those entering had to submit a two-minute video explaining why who they are nominating is deserving of the shopping spree.


Other businesses heard about the event and began to contribute to the event. Some of the local businesses that contributed include Renken's Nursery with a $150 donation, Fusion Oilfield, who also donated $150, and Chick-fil-A Whispering Creek who donated a $100 Party Package gift card. Zarsky's Lumber, Peaches & Tortilla, along with anonymous donors, also made contributions, bringing the total for the winning family to receive to $1900.

The Jones family was selected and received their shopping spree on December 23rd, making this Christmas one to remember. 


The family was able to shop privately in Target. Employees really set the mood for the family by wearing Santa hats and played Christmas music on the speakers while the family shopped.

The Jones family was able to get all the essentials and some extra gifts to treat themselves this holiday season, ending their year on a very grateful note.

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