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What is the " Ripple Effect Event?"

Hosted by UHV Small Business Development Center, the Ripple Effect is a virtual broadcast designed to empower and inspire the women in the Crossroads as a way to amplify their leadership skills.

You will hear from some of the world's top female leaders, entrepreneurs and movers and shakers in their own words, sharing their stores and presentations to offer you what you need to be a bigger and better ripple effect in all that you do!

You'll be hearing presentations by Randi Zuckerberg, the CEO of Zuckerberg Media and Former Director of Market Development at Facebook as well as Tiffany Dufu, the
former Chief Leadership Officer to Levo as well as being the Founder and CEO of The Cru as well as several others. You can check out the details of each of the amazing speakers for the Ripple Effect here.

When is it?

So this is really cool. The Ripple Effect was actually broadcasted live on October 15, 2020, but due to COVID it was also recorded so that organizations like the UHV Small Business Development Center could bring the opportunity for our Crossroads movers and shakers to attend virtually from the convenience via their own mobile devices!

Yep, once you register, a link will be provided for you to VIEW at your convenience beginning at 8:00 am EDT on July 29, 2021 until 8:00 pm August 3, 2021, giving you several days to watch it in its entirety.

Something to note: Your link will not work in Internet ExplorerPlease use the following internet browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

Where do I sign up buttercup?

Everything you need to sign up is ready for you just by clicking the link here to get started on creating your own ripple effect!

You can also contact UHV at (361) 570-4848 for more details.

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