Dave Chappelle isn't the only one dropping in on San Antonio this week.

In a raw, candid photo Chappelle is captured shopping around The Pearl in San Antonio, but there is a guest photobomber in the lens's vicinity.


As Chappelle and what looks like his wife Elaine are pictured walking around, a dog is dropping one big deuce. 

HILARIOUS. I mean, come on, this is pure gold. Oh, how the tables have turned. This comedian is used to creating the laughs, but this dog said, hold my bag; he has the laughs covered today.      

Dog Purse Meme

It's pure Chappelle fashion that this would happen. I think we can all agree Chappelle would approve of this photo. Chappelle seems to be a fan of the San Antonio area. He has been spotted at The Pearl before, and more recently, he was spotted posing with some fellow comedians back on October 6th.  





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Chappelle was also spotted on the streets of San Antonio last month by a fan, who admitted Chappelle noticed him first. Dave Chappelle seems to be making appearances in Texas lately, and for a good reason, other than we are a fantastic state. 

Chappelle has comedy shows all this week in Texas. Monday through Wednesday, he is hosting a SOLD OUT show at one of Austin's most iconic stages – the outdoor Waller Creek Amphitheater Stubbs BBQ in Austin.

Then he is heading to Houston and will be doing shows at the House of Blues in Houston for the remainder of the week.

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The venues are going above and beyond with safety measures to ensure everyone stays as safe as possible. The House of Blues and Stubbs BBQ sites stated all guests will be required to receive a rapid COVID-19 test prior to entering, as well as highlighting social distancing measures.

While the Austin dates may be sold out, Houston is still fair game. If you feel like laughing until your stomach hurts, you can buy tickets here. Be sure to keep an eye out before and after the show for any dogs within arm's length of Dave Chappelle, have your camera ready to snap a photo; it might just go viral.

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