Have throne, will travel! Back in 2015, Dave Grohl fell off the stage in Sweden and broke his leg just two songs into a Foo Fighters’ concert. He returned to the stage to finish out the show rocking out from a chair with his leg in a temporary cast. After canceling their next two shows, and getting proper medical treatment, Grohl and the Foos returned to the stage and toured the States with Grohl’s now iconic guitar throne. While Grohl has long since recovered from his broken leg, the throne has made the rounds in recent years, first helping out Guns N' Roses and now it's being used by Old Dominion’s guitarist Matthew Ramsey, who is recovering from a leg injury.

The country band was forced to postpone their February dates after Ramsey fell off the stage. He had surgery to repair his broken leg and is recovering from a successful procedure. The guitarist is currently on crutches, but thanks to Grohl that isn’t stopping the band from performing live.

Ramsey tells People magazine, “So many jokes were thrown around about using Dave Grohl’s throne, finally we just decided to ask and see what happened.” The Virginia-born guitarist adds, “I’m sure Dave didn’t know that when he created this thing, everyone would want to use it. But, it has been an honor to sit on, and more importantly, it’s allowing us to keep the show on the road. Our fans are truly grateful. We owe him big for that.”

Old Dominion took to Instagram to show off the latest addition to their stage set with the caption: “First show post-surgery is going down with some help from our friends #davegrohl and @foofighters!!!.”

The throne has quite the history since it was debuted about four years ago. It helped the Foo Fighters keep touring while Grohl convalesced and was later used by Axl Rose, after he broke his foot at a surprise concert in Los Angeles at the beginning of Guns N’ Roses Not In This Lifetime Tour in 2016. The Foos also brought the throne to both Cal Jam concerts in 2017 and 2018 so that fans could enjoy it as a photo opportunity and the throne also appeared for photo ops at the Foo Fighters secret show in 2018 under the moniker The Holy Shits.

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