There was a surprising result in a recent election right down the road in Palmhurst, Texas.  How surprising?!  Well, Ramiro J. Rodriguez garnered  58-percent of the vote in election returns over the weekend.  The only problem...Rodriguez passed away suddenly on April 6th.   The longtime Mayor had served in office since 1999 and he was praised fro his service.  However, the question the heck did he remain the ballot?  Well, his death date came after the deadline to remove some one from the ballot, so his name was left on.  So, maybe voters decided to vote for him as a tribute to the late Mayor Rodriguez or they weren't informed of his passing. As for the official results reports, "Ramiro Rodriguez Jr. defeated challenger Israel Silva in Saturday’s election. Rodriguez received 329 votes to Silva’s 234 votes."

I have to think this a tough loss for Silva who, according to the city's website, is a City Councilman.  His instagram page also states he is a realtor in the small town. Also, Mr. Silva cannot win by default, so now the city will have to hold a special election to correct the error.

Palmhurst has just over 2,600 residents and that will probably have hit the voting booth again. There is a slight chance it  a new election won't be needed as the results from the weekend are still unofficial. The results will have to be checked and approved at the next town meeting. So, there is a slight chance the challenger, Mr. Silva, can pull out a victory.

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