I remember back in the day drinking cheap beer, the brand of choice among my friends and I was Pabst Blue Ribbon's 'Red, White and Blue.' It was cheap, and it wasn't half bad when you're on a college budget. Alas, RW&B died a quiet death back around 1992, and now that I'm gainfully employed, I can mourn over a Shiner Bock.

Randy Colpek is a guy who really likes his low budget beer. In his case, it's a brand sold at Costco called 'Kirkland Light Beer.' I've never heard of it but then again, I've also never set foot inside a Costco either, but I digress. The purpose of this conversation is to share with you this hilarious You tube video that Randy and his friends put together advertising the beer. The guy reportedly drinks a LOT of the brew, and I'd say he drank a lot of it while putting together this video. Enjoy!

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