Vinnie Paul's new album with Hellyeah will feature his late brother Dimebag Darrell covering Phil Collins. Seems they found an old recording of the late guitarist taking on "I Don't Care Anymore" from Collins' 1982 solo album Hello, I Must Be Going, and decided to include it.

"Here's the cool thing: We made it ours," Hellyeah guitarist Tom Mawell told WQLZ. "Dime and Vinnie recorded that track years ago, and we went in and dug up his tracks and put it on the record. So we’ve got a little Dime – Dime’s on our album.”

Hellyeah's upcoming album, Unden!able, also features singer Chad Gray, bassist Kyle Sanders and guitarist Christian Brady. Paul drummed with Dimebag, whose real name was Darrell Abbott, in both Pantera, which they co-founded in 1981, and the subsequent Damageplan.

Unden!able, which comes out on June 3, was recorded at Las Vegas' Hideout Recording Studio with producer Kevin Churko, who's worked with Ozzy Osbourne, as well as with country and pop stars like Shania Twain and Britney Spears. "Working with someone like that, he's got all of these hit records, but he treats us differently," Maxwell said. "He knows we're all about razor blades and fist fights."

Hellyeah is on tour through September. Dimebag was killed onstage during a Damageplan performance on Dec. 8, 2004, in Columbus, Ohio.

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