With the help of YouTube Kids, an app that features normally kid-friendly videos, parents don't have to worry about the rest of the internet getting its filthy paws on their kids. That was, at least, until these videos started coming up. 

Videos start off pretty harmless with favorite characters such as Minions, Elsa from Frozen and even Mickey and Minnie! All fine and dandy, right?

Well eventually these videos turn south featuring things like a beloved minion tricking another into drinking urine, Elsa being chased by a butcher knife, and even Mickey and Minnie torturing a dog and later being attacked.

These videos have parents worried everywhere and have even gotten YouTube Kids to up their game when it comes to more strict controls.

Some may think these videos are kind of funny, especially if you have a weird or gross sense of humor, but we can probably all agree little kids probably don't need to see it.

Now, please, nobody be a creep and actively seek out these videos...

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