While the rest of the world was celebrating and/or recovering from the Woodstock Music Festival, there was a mystery brewing here in Victoria-the mystery of the floating suitcases.

If you ever read the Victoria Advocate, you can run across some strange stories from time to time, and in yesterday's paper in the 'Years Ago' section, there was a story about the incident.

According to the report, the mystery involved two suitcases filled with women's clothing found in the Guadalupe River. According to the story, the mystery had been solved.

It seems the suitcases were 'hexed.' Police had received a call from the owner of the suitcases who said her common-law husband had put a hex on her by 'stuffing a frog with hot peppers and putting it with her clothes.'

According to some of the woman's friends, the only way to break the hex was to throw the clothes into the river. That's a new one on me.

What kind of hexes have you heard of?

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