Gamers everywhere listen up!

A new study out of Glasgow University actually suggests playing video games in moderation may actually help you be more successful in the workplace.

Now before you go turn on your Xbox for an all day marathon of Call of Duty listen to the study first.  The study was done with a very small group of students, only 36 total. They were split into two groups. One control group, while the other 16 undergraduates were asked to play eight different video games, including Borderlands 2Minecraft, and Lara Croft.

The study showed the group that played the games showed major improvements in

communication, adaptability and resourcefulness scales, compared to the control group.

Also, keep in mind this is video game play in MODERATION.  Meaning about 2 hours a week.  If you still play World of Warcraft for 18 hours a day chances are you don't have a job to be successful at so it's a mute point.


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