Blue Bell Just Announced The Most Texas Flavored Ice Cream of All Time!

Talk about the ultimate Texas team!

Two Texas icons have joined flavor forces to create the ultimate tribute to Texas tongues y'all!

It's Blue Bell's latest flavor, just in time for summer and for a limited time.

Until of course Texas demands it stays a permanent fixture in the frozen food aisle and by the sound of it, we will!

Introducing, Dr. Pepper Float flavored Blue Bell Ice Cream! 

Yep, it's the delicious blend of Blue Bell's vanilla ice cream swirled with.. get this... Dr. Pepper sherbet!

Check it out on KXAN's YouTube page!

Our beloved Whataburger had a similar idea in mind with their Dr. Pepper shakes, which I can attest is one of the best shakes on the planet so why not follow a good thing?

Here is a fun fact, even though Texas can claim Dr. Pepper as it's very own, and we get to claim Blue Bell too, this delicious new flavor of Blue Bell, the Dr. Pepper Float won't be limited to Texas distribution!

Blue Bell announced this morning that Dr Pepper Float ice cream is officially making it's way to store shelves today and that this deliciousness will be headed to all 23 states where Blue Bell is available!

It does kind of make me jealous Dr. Pepper float isn't just available to Texans, but on second thought, it's nice to brag across the country at how incredible Texas can be especially when we collaborate together!

If you find the new Dr. Pepper Float ice cream in stores today, holla at us on Facebook or the app to let us know where to go to get it! You better believe we will be there!

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