The castle made famous by Bram Stoker’s 1897 gothic horror novel ‘Dracula’ has been terrorizing it's neighboring residents in Whitby, North Yorkshire with a  shower of human bones -- a recent landslide has caused the town’s seaside cemetery to slowly cascade down the mountain.

Residents say that a leaky drainage pipe is responsible for deteriorating the cliff where the castle sits for many years now, and recent heavy rains threaten to be the final push needed to send the rest of the ancient resting places into the community’s backyard.

For many of the townspeople, this grave condition is an all-too-real horror story. “Dracula is fantasy, but this is reality and it has given us sleepless nights,” said local business owner Barry Brown. "Some people have already packed up and left.” Uh, our question is: why has anyone stayed?

Town officials say they are “monitoring the situation” and reassured the public that the only remains being exposed are bones, since the cemetery at St. Mary’s church has not provided any new homes for the dead since 1865. Oh, phew, so no rotting flesh or anything, just ancient ghost bones. Cool, way less creepy.

Apparently, tourists a good majority of tourists visit Whitby to visit Dracula's grave, further proving that we humans are idiots who also probably believe that 'The Highlander' was a documentary, and the events happened in real time.

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