Elida Reyna Y Grupo Avante was jamming on stage for a private event this past weekend! Little did they know who they would see dancing in the crowd!  MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY. It turns out it was a Quinceanera for his niece!   A post from the Elida Reyna Y Avante FB page shows Matthew in the crowd either taking a video or photo of the band.

I searched for videos of Matthew dancing to Elida's music, but no luck yet. However, I did find a video of him attending that Quince this past weekend and the comments confirm that Elida Reyna performed that night. According to the comments, he was humble, very nice, and danced to the bands music all night long. See that Tiktok below. Be sure you follow Elida Reyna Y Avante and be sure you check out some of her amazing products.

Elida finished 2023 with a bang as her single "Cierra Esa Boquita' came in at #3 for the year-end countdown on Rudy Trevino's Tejano Gold Countdown! 

We had no idea who we’d be performing for last night! We were fortunate to play a private event for Matthew McConaughey’s niece last night. I didn’t ask for a pic because I didn’t want to impose but he was gracious enough to take pic w Rob and Milo. It was so cool to see him dancing and enjoying himself with his fam and dancing to “Prefiero Morir” and more.what a treat!! You can tell he loves our Hispanic culture!! This is him recording us!!! Much love to him and his family we had a wonderful time!

@mackynlieHappy Birthday Maggie!♬ A Bar Song (Tipsy) - Shaboozey


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