Parents have taken the hints over the years concerning allowing their children to drink too much soda.  So naturally, we've just replaced them with "energy drinks". 

The definition of energy drinks has expanded.  Gatorade now has an "energy drink", that really seems no different than good, old fashioned Gatorade.  Gatorade even offers several different options now.  But the worrisome "energy drinks" are the ones loaded with caffeine and various other stimulants. 

Look, Kids don't need "wings".  They need water.  Honestly though, most adults should avoid the stuff too. 

A new research study, that the functioning minds of the world didn't really need, has declared them to be dangerous for kids and teens because of the side effects.

What side effects?

I though sleeplesness, tremors & heart palpitations were a normal part of the hydration process.

I guess I was wrong.  Check out the article below.

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