Ex- UFC fighter Tim Hague passed away on Father's Day from injuries sustained after a knockout at the hands of his boxing opponent Adam Braidwood.

A fourth-grade English teacher, Hague, 34, was stopped in the second round by Braidwood. It was Hague’s second consecutive loss by knockout in boxing. He lost four of his final five MMA bouts, all of which were by knockout.

All of those knockouts can take a toll on the body which is what happened to Hague.  Officials report he passed away from a brain hemorrhage he sustained in the ring during the fight with Braidwood.

Braidwood knocked Hague down four times in the first round, and finished it in the second. When Hague went down the final time, his head banged violently off the canvas. Hague was a last-minute replacement who took the fight when two other opponents fell out.

Hague was a full time 4th grade English teacher who loved to compete which is why he took the fight in the first place.


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