You hear about all these tough 5K, 10K and other marathons for charitable causes, but finally, there's one for the person who gets winded going to the refrigerator.

The Boerne 0.5K run which is slated for Saturday, May 5th, is described on the run's website as "the running event for the rest of us."

The distance is roughly 1/3 of a mile, and it offers a break for doughnuts and coffee halfway through. Funds raised from the run go to a charity called 'Blessings In A Backpack', and organizers were happily surprised to see registrations fill up in record time. So much so that they're planning on expanding the event to allow more participants next year.

They also say that if you weren't able to get in this year, you can still get what's called a 'Procrastinator's Prize Pack,' which includes an event t-shirt, a participation medal, and what they describe as a 'pretentious' oval 0.5K bumper sticker.

Sounds like my kind of event!

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