Living in Victoria, I always hear the phrase, 'we need new restaurants in this town?'  This is absolutely a true statement and we are actually getting some new options opening soon: Lavaca BBQ, McAlisters Sandwiches, Taco Bueno, and Dunkin Donuts. We are also seeing the rebirth of Arby's, a 2nd Ventura's and a 2nd Burger King location pop up as well.  We will also be seeing a Chick-fil-A on the Southside in the near future. I am also seeing more being cleared for possible development. So bring on a Freddy's Steakburger, Cheesecake Factory, and Craker Barrel. What new restaurant(s) would you like to see in Victoria? Let us know in the comments of this Facebook status.

However, sometimes I think back to the restaurants we no longer have in this town!  Just one more time, I would love to have a Deluxe Dinner at Siesta Restaurant, a mountain of nachos at Chelsea Street Pub,  or maybe just one more corn dog and lemonade from Corn Dog 7 in the Victoria Mall.  Talk about the good ole days. Before we get to the list, I could not find a picture of El Toro and that is the only reason you don't have it on this list. Oh yeah! Bring Skillet's back too.

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