Episode two of the new season of ‘Gene Simmons Family Jewels’ starts off with two shockers: a phone call about a new child and a discussion about cutting one off from the family’s plush lifestyle.

In therapy with Dr. Ann Wexler, Gene explains that perhaps if Shannon is more focused on the adoption she will forget about his portfolio mishap from the previous episode. To this, Dr. Wexler suggests that he is merely using the adoption to combat the nude photos.

Back at home, Shannon enters to find Nick merely doing nothing. When she confronts him about his laziness he explains, “Nothing good happens before noon.” Shannon tells him to get a life.

Later on, Shannon thanks Gene for revisiting the idea of adoption and explains that she’s going to make an appointment for orientation. They then discuss Nick. Shannon argues that he needs to figure out a life plan. Gene agrees, deciding that should Nick pursue his rock career he must do so seriously. Shannon suggests that their success is part of the problem.. They agree to cut Nick off.

In Gene’s office, Nick enters a discussion with his parents. Shannon says it’s time for him to “scoot on out there.” Nick is confused, then shocked when Gene says, “You are cut off.”

Rich Abramson, Gene’s friend and business partner, is told about the adoption. His response is quick, “The dog barks next door and you don’t like it.” He believes it’s a bad idea to jump into it, for which Gene asks how to get out. An idea is struck up — instead of saying no, see what it entails. Gene decides to take the time to ride it out. “Maybe Shannon will make her own decision.”

Back at therapy, Dr. Wexler has another opinion about the idea. “You do realize that you’re purposely withholding telling her how to you feel in the hopes that you don’t have to look like the bad guy in hopes she agrees with you.” When Dr. Wexler bluntly asks Gene what if Shannon ultimately decides she still wants to, he freezes.

The next day, Gene and Shannon go to the adoption agency orientation. While there with other couples everyone explains their tales of what led them to adoption. A former foster child is brought in to give her experience in words, saying the ones who made a difference didn’t make her feel like a burden. Shannon asks what happens when a foster child comes into a home that has children. The orientation leader suggests they talk to their children.

When leaving, Gene makes joke to Shannon, which shows his obvious hesitance to adoption. “Why don’t you adopt me?” When the subject of Nick and Sophie is brought up Shannon explains that they’re growing up and it’s just her all day at home. She says the kids will weigh on the decision but ultimately it’s theirs.

Together, back at therapy, Dr. Wexler asks if they’ve talked to the kids yet and inquires as to how Gene feels. He struggles, obviously uncertain.

Later that night, Gene and Shannon gather the kids to speak about the adoption. When Shannon broaches the subject the children are speechless, even believing it to be a joke. Shannon argues that they are practically gone. She’s at home with 5 dogs. Nick flat out says no and Sophie refuses to talk about it with the cameras there. She says, “I’m not talking on purpose so stop asking. I’ll discuss it with you outside of this.” Both Gene and Shannon were not expecting that reaction.

Afterwards, Nick talks to Gene in his office. Gene admits he doesn’t think adoption is a great idea to which Nick says it is an awful idea. Gene then goes on to say that regardless of how he feels right now Shannon has always been right in the past. He didn’t want kids. She did and was correct. He didn’t want to get married, etc.

Shannon tries talking to Sophie in her room. When she enters Sophie is gone.

‘The Adoption Plan’

Episode 3 of ‘Gene Simmons Family Jewels’ begins with Shannon at Dr. Wexler’s. The doctor finds Nick and Sophie’s reaction interesting. Shannon confessed that she never expected it.

Later, Shannon is out to lunch with a friend discussing the adoption and blowout from the kids. Her friend makes the argument that Sophie thinks Shannon is starting over. She has a new husband and now wants new kids. “You just have to somehow find a way to get them involved,” she says.

At therapy Gene is asked if the children’s reactions influenced his thoughts on adoption. It did. He says, “It’s clear that not everybody thinks it’s a good idea besides Shannon.”

At lunch with his friend, Nick expresses his hatred of the adoption idea, jokingly saying, “I can’t be (the) favorite son anymore.” He also admits that a huge issue for him is that his father is opposed to is also but will not say anything. He finally decides that moving out is the best thing.

Nick then sees a very luxurious apartment on the 35th floor of a high rise building in Los Angeles. As much as he loves it, he knows he can’t afford it.

Back at home, Gene takes Dr. Wexler’s advice and tries speaking to Shannon about his feeling towards the adoption. However, Shannon is on the phone with the credit card company and has no time.

The next day, at the adoption agency, Shannon talks to the agency director, Robyn Harrod, and says Gene is ‘wishy-washy’ regarding the adoption, something Robyn suggests is quite normal with husbands. It is then proposed that Gene and Shannon meet with families who have adopted before.

Nick moves on to look into other places to reside, none of which work out. Back at dinner with Gene, Shannon and Nick (no Sophie) it’s quiet and awkward. Nick responds with only one-word answers and hardly looks up.

At therapy the next day, with both Gene and Shannon present, Wexler asks his thoughts. Shannon expresses, “He’s afraid if someone has feelings he might have to deal with it.” Shannon then tells Dr. Wexler about the idea of meeting with families who have adopted. Gene finally admits that he is worried about adopting a child and having that connection with a child. To which, Dr. Wexler says that should they adopt, it is his own child.

The couple decides to go to a meeting. They meet the Ryder’s, a family who has adopted 2 daughters and a teenage girl. Around a table the Ryder’s discuss the process with Gene and Shannon. The husband admits that he was not into it, yet he became onboard the very first day. He tells a story explaining that there was to be a problem with one of their children, she supposedly wasn’t able to speak. In the car after leaving the agency he asked her if she wanted a cookie. She eagerly nodded yes, but he said only if she said please… to which she did.

Gene and Shannon speak with the adopted children. While playing guitar one child says they will make great parents. She moves on saying, “You’ve made great parents already.”

Nick is out to lunch with friends, all girls. When speaking of his housing problem his friends ask if he wants to live with them. He agrees to.

Gene and Shannon go to another family. This time it is two fathers who adopted two girls and a boy years ago. The experience changes Gene’s opinion it seems. At Dr. Wexler’s Gene says that he learned there was still love regardless of the adoption Shannon is thrilled. He admits that he is considering it. He is now on board.

The next episode will focus on individual family interviews regarding the adoption. In it, Nick takes a stand explaining his thoughts on the adoption.

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