Volcanos in Texas sound a bit odd. Hurricanes, yes, cows flying through the town during tornados, maybe, but volcano? It's quite exciting history.

The south Austin monster came back to life Monday night on 911 Lone Star. The show recreated the volcano showing how destructive it could be if it erupted in Austin in this day and age.

But have no fear; it is definitely fictional. The volcano is considered extinct as opposed to dormant, meaning that it is no longer active, nor is it likely to be active again.

Although, there are remains and proof of volcanic activity in the area. The area's park superintendent, Tommy Cude, pointed out some evidence that is noticeable to anyone passing through. Cude explained, "The gray-green rock in the area is actually something called Nontronite, which is volcanic ash." I

n the park, there are limestone ledges with long lines of compressed ash hidden underneath, "all of that was created because of water wearing down the Nontronite and creating the Falls and the caves under it," said Cude.

For now, the volcano functions solely as a historic site and just another awesome place in Austin to visit and talk about, adding some rich history to Texas geology.

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