If you have an unpaid traffic ticket or even worse, a warrant out for your arrest over something minor and you're afraid to come clean for fear of being arrested, Victoria residents will have a chance to get it settled next week when Victoria Municipal Court holds an open docket.

Beginning next week, the court is allowing people in those situations to come in and talk to a judge or prosecutor to get resolution. Authorities say people won't be arrested and they will work with them to set up payment plans, community service or other options.

Court Administrator Tiffany Totah told city councilors the program had had a great response since they began doing it in September. The program is for people with unpaid fines or other minor issues. Officials say if you want to take advantage of the program, you can go to the court at 107 W. Juan Linn St. in Victoria on Monday (Feb 26) or on March 1st before 1:00pm.

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