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What exactly is cryptocurrency?

If you don't know what cryptocurrency is, you are not alone. "What is cryptocurrency?" is one of the most googled questions on the internet right now.

I've been reading a lot about cryptocurrency recently and here is the best analogy I've seen about how cryptocurrency works. They are a type of digital money that allows people to make digital payments directly to each other through an online system without a bank. Think of cryptocurrency like a casino chip. You have to turn the chips in to get the cash. And like tangible currency from around the world, there is a multitude of cryptocurrencies, according to one report from Nerdwallet, there are over 10,000 different cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin being the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

Here is a great introductory video from MrWhosetheBoss on Youtube.

Now, if you are grocery shopping in Texas at H.E.B. you can use your cryptocurrency to buy goods in several stores starting in Houston.

According to The Houston Chronicle, currency provider, Coin Cloud will soon begin "placing kiosks in several stores where customers will both be able to make purchases using the digital currency, but will also be able to purchase more coins."

How many H.E.B. stores will offer Coin Cloud machines?

Check this out, the pilot program is expected to start in 29 Houston-area stores! This means that these machines will mark the 2,000th Coin Cloud in the world now, certainly another milestone for our great state.

We all knew that H.E.B. was an innovative grocery store, but now with offering customers Coin Cloud machines, they just took progressive to the next level! 

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