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Heavy Rains In The Crossroads Forecasted Through The Weekend

Crossroads, we are looking at rain throughout today and likely through the weekend!

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Rain, rain go away!  Not likely folks. Grab your umbrellas, it's going to be a long week of rain and it's looking like Sunday will be more of the rain.

Quit with the rain dances Texas! 

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Rain predicted through the weekend could mean river flooding and delays on the road for our commuters throughout the Crossroads.

We are looking at flood watches starting this morning through Wednesday evening just for starters. The heavy rains could bring significant rises to the Guadalupe and our smaller creeks so be careful in low water crossings.


It's predicted that today's rainfall alone could produce anywhere from 3 to 7 inches of rain. " Numerous showers and thunderstorms will likely result and excessive rainfall rates are possible," Jeff Linder reports from Click2Houston.

This means you might want to plan for a possible indoor Mother's Day celebration!

Right now, Monday the 9th, it looks like the high for Sunday, May 15th will top out at about 85 degrees, and a low of 67 degrees with a 60 percent chance of rain throughout Mother's Day.

Martin Crespo

So what does your mom like to do indoors?

Uncommon board games, ones you're not likely going to already have like Backgammon, or check out this list from CBR are great ideas for games to play for a fun albeit indoor Mother's Day celebration! I've got to admit, out of the list of board games recommended by CBR, the game Patchwork, is one of the most popular two-player board games to be released in recent years where two players compete to fit patches of fabric onto their boards in the most efficient way possible. It's Tetris meets The Quilt Guild!

Here is how to play Patchwork in 2 minutes thanks to The Rules Girl on YouTube

Whatever you do for Mother's Day, don't forget your umbrella!




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