We’ve seen The Simpsons and Robot Chicken team up for a couch gag once before, but never to take aim at South Park, or the California Raisins for that matter. And yet, both end up facing Homer’s wrath in a new couch gag from Sunday’s latest, featuring Robot Chicken co-creator Seth Green.

Where previously the collaboration of Simpsons and Robot Chicken saw the entire clan animated in the style of Adult Swim’s stop-motion staple, the new clip from Sunday’s “The Cad and the Hat” sees Homer and the family sticking to 2-D, but nonetheless visiting a South Park knock off, and strangely enough, a California Raisins commercial.

That particular meeting turns surprisingly violent, before the bit ultimately unites Homer with the nerd mascot of Robot Chicken, as voiced by Seth Green himself. We won’t spoil everything, but let’s just say the South Park parody doesn’t get off much easier than the California Raisins.

You can watch the full bit for yourself above, as well as the previous Robot Chicken couch gag from Season 24 below.

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