Four Houston residents are dead after Houston Police received multiple calls early Sunday morning. Around 1 am Houston Police received three separate calls: a person down, a shooting, and a fire.


It started when a disgruntled tenant turned in his keys after receiving an eviction notice due to nonpayment. According to a neighbor the ex-tenant suffered from colon cancer, didn't have a job, and was recently given an eviction notice. That neighbor also added, “Something must have just hit him in the last couple of days hard to where he just didn’t care.”


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In a twisted move, the evicted tenant set fire to multiple units in a complex in the area late Sunday night. As the victims began to escape their homes, the suspect opened fire.

"This suspect, unfortunately, and very sadly and very evily set fire to several residents, laid waiting for those residents to come out and fire upon them," HPD Chief Troy Finner explained.


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Houston Fire Department was dispatched to the area but when they arrived the disgruntled tenant opened fire, causing them to take cover. Houston Police officers quickly arrived and an officer spotted the tenant who was described as an African American male around 40 years old wearing all black and carrying a shotgun. The 7-year veteran officer quickly aimed and fatally shot the suspect.

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Chief Finner said, "He took action I'm so proud of him" "I'm just very proud of him to come in and who knows that suspect would've probably tried to shoot someone else."


Sadly, the gunman killed four people as they came out their door to escape the fire he had set. "It's just sad what's going on in our nation." "I've seen things that I haven't seen before in 32 years, and it's happened time and time again, and people ask the police chief and police leaders 'why?" We don't even know why right now."

Per policy, the officer engaged in gunfire is put on administrative leave.

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