The shooting occurred at the Richmond Manor apartments around 8 in the morning, Tuesday, where officers Preston and Waller were responding to a domestic violence call. The HPD had responded to previous calls at the same address over the weekend, where the “estranged wife,” of the suspect, 51-year-old Elmer Manzano both reside. Upon Preston and Waller's arrival, she told police she wanted to retrieve her belongings from the apartment as she was moving out. Officers spoke with the woman for an hour as the door was locked and Manzano wouldn’t let her into the apartment.

Around 9:25 a.m., Manzano’s son was able to unlock the door and open it. Upon his witness of his father with a handgun, he alerted officers, and Manzano followed by firing multiple rounds hitting both officers. At 9:31, officers moved Preston away from the apartment safely were ambulances from the HFD arrived and transported them to the Memorial Hermann Hospital. Manzano remained in the apartment which SWAT later surrounded him.

Preston was in his late 60’s and Chief Acevedo shared Preston was able to see his mother before he died, sharing that he was “not calling him a hero because of the way he died, but he is a hero” and “as good as he was a cop, he was a better human being.” The mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, asks that the City of Houston lift up the Preston family, including his 23-year-old daughter, in prayer.

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