Well, that's a subjective question if I ever heard one. I know people that are extremely happy that make less than I do, and I'm in radio so, I know how that goes. Meanwhile, I also know people who make six figures that are never happy. According to a study by Gallup conducted by Sharecare and posted by Thrillist, people in the middle section of the country only need $54,000 to be happy, the mountain and Pacific states need about twice as much while the east south central and south Atlantic need about one-third more.

Comparatively speaking, we do have a lower cost of living here than in a lot of other places in the nation so, I can see where they get that. Keep in mind too that these are averages.

$54,000-Dallas, Chicago, Miami, Phoenix, Washington, DC

$42,000-Atlana, GA

$75,000-Houston, Boston

$105,000-Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle

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