The Original Baddies

March is such a wonderful month. The entire month is dedicated to celebrating Women's History and embracing all the amazing things that make women the real baddies.

You can't celebrate Women's History Month without mentioning one name: Barbara Millicent Roberts, but you may know her better as 'Barbie.' The iconic children's toy has sold billions and created a franchise uplifting and inspiring young women across the globe.

A Vast Resume

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With over 200 careers on her resume, Barbie has lived a bountiful and diverse life. She just recently turned 63 and they say the older you get the wiser you become and Barbie can definitely reflect on some times.

Sketchy Moves

There have been some sketchy moves made by Mattel with their Barbie doll collections. Parents have raised some concerns over the past few decades including sexualization, body image issues, and safety hazards.

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Take the Positives with Negatives

You may be familiar with positive roles like Firefighter Barbie and Astronaut Barbie who even traveled into space in 1965 before man ever walked on the moon, talk about impressive. Yet somehow, a few careers and themes slipped through the cracks and didn't stick the landing like some of the other roles.

Swiftly Taken Off the Shelves

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For instance, do you remember Slumber Party Barbie? Maybe not, she was swiftly recalled after some super sketchy accessories that were more damaging to young women than they could ever expect.

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How about young single teen mom Barbie? Okay, maybe that wasn't the official name but it pretty much hits the point on the head. You will want to check out that one on the list, not only is the idea disturbing but so is the actual Barbie doll itself.

Scroll For 15 Inappropriate Barbie Dolls

Check out 15 of the most inappropriate and concerning professions, themes, and collections made for Miss Barbara Millicent Roberts, aka Barbie. Be sure to check out my favorite #6.


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