Some old, classic TV shows just shouldn't be redone. Leave them alone. Like the Munsters.

NBC is remaking The Munsters. It was hilarious back then. Even better in Black and White. But how relevant can they actually make The Munsters now?

It is said now that this version will feature "real-life drama and suspense". Really? The Munsters?

Will Grandpa turn out to be a Molester? Maybe he coaches at Penn St?

Will Herman be a gay man struggling with not being attracted to Lilly and being forced to live a lie?

Will Little Eddie turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with the constant harassment he must deal with just for being who he is?

And what about the "normal" looking one? The Hot one? Will Eddie deal with his emerging hormones, by sneaking peaks of her in the buff?

Honestly...What kind of real life drama?