People have all kinds of unusual interests and there's no accounting for taste. So, when your family has a legacy in the plumbing industry and you have a penchant for art, why not combine the two?

That's exactly what Barney Smith did in San Antonio when he created the Toilet Seat Art Museum. The 'art' has since been moved to The Colony near Dallas after being purchased by Jason Boso, who says he discovered the Alamo Heights museum while doing some drunk googling one night, and found that the 97-year old Smith wanted to sell the pieces.

As of this month, they're the proudly displayed at the Dallas location of a bar called The Truckyard.

Smith originally created the museum when a toilet seat distributor wanted to throw away a large number of the potty platforms and he had a clever idea to use them as canvases for art. There are over 1,400 of these unique toilet seat works.


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