The video was posted to the Dallas Texas TV Facebook page back in November and has started to make the rounds again,  It shows a teacher who goes off on his class. He is tired of the blatant disrespect from the kids. I can definitely understand his frustration and about 90% of the comments in the video support the teacher's actions. Take a look at the video. What do you think?

Texas Father Goes Viral for Dancing Along with Daughter’s Squad

Here is a feel-good video for you. A father in Temple, Texas has gone viral for learning his daughter's cheer squad routine and dancing along in the stands. The video is pretty awesome. Just in case you haven't seen the now, viral Tiktok posted by ceces406. Here it is. It is also unclear if the team that decided to go for the 4th and 8 was successful.

@ceces406 Everyone always asks Andrè Simmons about the boys continuing his football legacy little do they know he’s waited his whole life to be a cheer dad 😁#fyp #cheerdad #family #love #viral #daughter ♬ original sound - Cece S

A Texas man has gone viral for his video talking about marriage roles. If you just listen to the first part of the video, it might turn some of you off.  However, if you listen all the way through, he definitely ends his video with an exclamation point!  BTW, he drops an F-Bomb in the In the video, the Texas UPS worker says...


@minton__jr♬ original sound - J.R. Minton


What do you think about his video?

North Texas Couple’s Marriage Ground Rules Have Gone Viral What are your thoughts on this bride and groom's marriage ground rules? One couple in North Texas decided to lay out ground rules for their marriage and then posted them online. This TikTok couple is from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. According to KLAQ,  Jaden and Andy McGrew posted their 'marriage rules' online and were perplexed to learn that people were giving them so much hate. After the posting of the original video, they posted another video wondering why people were hating.  You be the judge. Check out the rules via their TikTok account. What do you think of these ground rules? Too far?

  • They share their live location with each other “24/7.”
  •  Second, they share all passwords with each other and “have no secrets.”
  •  Third, and lastly, they reveal that “hanging with the opposite gender alone” is off-limits in their marriage.


@jadenandandy Did not realize these would cause such a fuss on tiktok #couples #marriage #dating #relationship #relationshipgoals #couplesgoals #marriedlife #music #viral #us ♬ Come Here Come Here Com Here - SNC