A heart-wrenching video has surfaced as Houston police get caught in a shoot-out with a carjacker on the Southwest Freeway, all of which was captured on film.

Houston TX Police Involved In A Horrific Shoot Out Caught On Film

You can hear the distress in the recording as a Houston Texas resident captures the shootout live trying to make sense of the scene as it plays out.

The footage captured on film shows the terrible moments when a Houston police officer is shot in cold blood after a carjacker crashes into several vehicles on the Southwest Freeway before stopping to fire at Houston officers.

As Houston police and the suspect exchange fire, the suspect is shot and killed but not before he fires multiple rounds hitting one of the police officers caught in the crossfire.

The footage has been posted on several news stations and you can view it here courtesy of Fox 25 Houston on TikTok.


In the footage, you hear the person recording exclaim that a citizen close to the scene risked their own life with bullets flying overhead to help rescue the fallen officer.

It's an incredibly brave move and the comments from viewers call the rescue absolutely heroic.

The officer who was dragged to safety is expected to be released from the hospital soon after being shot in the leg during the shoot-out.

The good Samaritan, John Lally says he would do it all again.

Here is a YouTube video from ABC 7 in a candid interview with the Houston hero, John Lally, as he offers his thoughts on helping to save the police officer.

In the video below, you can hear John Lally offering words of comfort to the officer. 

Would you be willing to risk your life to save someone else?

The officer's family has reached out to Mr. Lally to thank him.


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