If you drive by the Victoria Mall, chance are you have probably seen the new Longhorn Steakhouse. It appears to almost be completed and an opening date has now been released.  The Longhorn Steakhouse in Victoria will open to the public on Monday, March 18th. It's great to see so many new businesses calling Victoria home.

Victoria Mall Facebook
Victoria Mall Facebook

The new steakhouse was selected by Hull Property Group, the developer that owns the Victoria Mall and the nearby restaurant pad sites.

“Recruiting new businesses and encouraging development is an important part of growing Victoria’s economy,” said Economic Development Director Danielle Williams. “Providing residents with local dining options helps to keep local money local and creates new sources of tax revenue, which can help fund Victoria’s projects and promote economic health.”

Although the City does not choose which retailers and restaurants come to Victoria, the City plays an active role in recruitment by partnering with developers and by marketing Victoria to businesses through its Economic Development department, its management of the Victoria Main Street Program and its partnership with retail recruitment firm The Retail Coach.

The recruitment of Longhorn Steakhouse was made possible by a Chapter 380 sales tax rebate agreement between the City and Hull Property Group.

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VIDEO: Woman Does Not Eat Steak Because it “Looks like Texas”

Let's just file this under the 'are you kidding me' folder. A Twitter video that has now gone viral, shows a woman refusing to eat her steak because it looked like Texas.  Twitter user: TXDeplorable posted this video and people started to sound off. Just from looking at the video, it looks like Longhorn Steakhouse cooked them up just right.   Where can I get a Texas-shaped Steak?  Check out the video of the pouting wife below...


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