Legendary Luby's Cafeteria Announces Come Back To Texas In A New Way and Texans are HERE FOR IT!!!

Luby's Cafeteria is slowly returning to Texas after declaring bankruptcy in 2010 and Texans are here for it. 

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One of our family's most beloved restaurants for family dining was our local Luby's cafeteria located at the Victoria Mall.

And we know we are NOT ALONE!

Luby's in Victoria leaves a note on the door announcing their closure.

We still remember the day we walked up to the doors at Luby's Cafeteria and were shocked to find a note on the glass doors that simply said they were permanently closed.

Crying over blue Jello from Luby's, but what about the liver and onions?

She will be so embarrassed to read this, but a running joke in our family is that my oldest daughter who was four at the time cried her eyes out on the way out of the parking lot sobbing, " But I wanted the blue jellos!"

We know kid, trust us, we know.

What was your favorite Luby's dish? Mine was liver and onion!

Well, it might not be long before you can order it again with the latest Luby concept, a Luby's POP-Up Restaurant!

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Pop-Up Luby's Restaurants are opening throughout Texas!

The Houston Chronicle offers, "The opening of the new Luby's pop-up site was commemorated with a ribbon cutting outside of the cafeteria in El Paso.

"Along with the newest location in the border town, Luby’s also operates pop-ups for Lone Star College in Houston and at the Central Brazoria County Business Park in Angleton. Will the Crossroads be next in line for pop-up Luby's dining?

Photo Youtube/Fox7
Photo Youtube/Fox7

The pop-up dining menu supposedly includes some of Luby's most popular dishes; fried chicken, mac and cheese, liver and onions, yep, and even jello for dessert!

Company President Calvin Gin told the El Paso Times, that the concept is part of the company’s growth plan.

Luby's began its iconic cafeteria in the 1970s and in 2021, after they entirely and swiftly closed their doors, Gin bought 32 Luby’s locations in Texas and the cafeteria brand. Now we wait to see if a pop-up will be a part of the fantastic growth our community has seen in town these last few years. Go Luby's go!!!

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And if a Luby's pops up in the Crossroads you've got to go too!!!

Let's go LUANN!


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