An ongoing investigation of a murder that happened in downtown Houston yesterday has Houston police  desperately searching for a costumed killer.

HPD is relying on clues provided by survelliance cameras as a tragic but bizarre murder plays out on film.

The video which you can see below is difficult to watch, in part because of it's odd context. So many unanswered questions remain as the suspects remain at large.

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 Is the victim approaching the suspects agressively?

Police are rallying Houston Texans to please help in identifying the killer as they continue to remain at large, but offer that downtown Houston is safe.

Is this a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

The video reveals that the killing took place when the victim approached two strangers, including the suspect, who was wearing a yellow and black costume with a tail and a hoodie before the masked shooter pulled a gun and fired his weapon.

It also appears that the suspects had a tripod set up previous to the shooting which unfolded in a matter of seconds on film.

Were the suspect and his friend recording social media footage before they were approched by the victim?

Did the shooter pull his weapon in self defense?

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After watching the video you might better understand why Houston Police Chief, Troy Finner advices the killer to turn himself in.

Houston police are currently searching for a white Mazda3 hatchback that may be a 2019-2024 model, with three stickers on the back-left window and a fourth on the rear window.

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You can check out the video here, presented by Fox26 News on Youtube.

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