The older I get, the more courage I can conjure the fear of haunted houses. I've never been to one, but I think I'm getting closer!

Halloween is just around the corner. It's time to get spooky! Are you brave enough to brave our Top 5 Texas Haunted Houses?

Number Five:  Cutting Edge Haunted House,  in Ft Worth is located inside an abandoned meat market y'all I mean COME ON! Be forewarned, Cutting Edge is known for its intense and terrifying experience and has won multiple awards for being one of the best-haunted houses in the country!

Number Four: It torments me to write the word torment but, this haunted house in Austin, Texas. The House of Torment is famous for its design and multiple jump scares! You've been warned. This haunted house is an actual maze you've got to navigate in complete darkness.

Number Three: This is a WHOLE park dedicated to jading your prepubescent years. Scream Hollow offers multiple attractions, including haunted houses, a haunted hayride, and live entertainment. It's like the whole Halloween package in one terrifying trip!

Number Two: What is your biggest fear? Well, your phobias are about to be exposed at Phobia Haunted Houses in Houston. It's a collection of different haunted attractions all in one location, and OMG there is even a section of the haunted attractions, in the woods. Dubbed "8 Haunts all in 1 Killer Location"

Number One: It's the 13th-floor Haunted House in San Antonio. Famous for its dark and eerie atmosphere and attention to detail with super scary immersive storytelling. Like The Deadlands, one of the attractions offers, " In a post-apocalyptic world, You are faced with a devastating virus that has afflicted humanity, causing menacing mutations to roam free."

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO! Be sure to click on every location because many of these haunted houses have age restrictions!

So Boo, where are we going first?

Don't forget, we've got several right here in the Crossroads too! Like the famous Yorktown Hospital and of course, Boo at The Zoo!

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