A Texas man is lucky to be alive after he was initially presumed dead when a car fell on him.

A 44-year-old man in Laredo, Texas was working on his car when the unimaginable happened. According to reports, while the man was messing with his car, it fell on top of him.

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Thursday morning, emergency services were called out to rescue the man, although, he was presumed dead. When medics arrived they rushed to apply CPR to the man. incredibly, medical staff were able to regain a pulse and rushed him to the hospital where he remained in critical condition.

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Here are five safety precautions to take when working on a vehicle to prevent it from falling on you or causing fatal injuries:

  • Use Quality Jack Stands:
    • Always use high-quality jack stands. Ensure the stands are placed under strong, stable points of the vehicle’s frame.
  • Secure the Vehicle:
    • Apply the parking brake and place wheel chocks around the wheels to prevent any movement while the vehicle is lifted.
  • Level Ground:
    • Only lift the vehicle on a flat, stable surface. Avoid using a jack or jack stands on uneven or soft ground to prevent tipping or sinking.
  • Double-Check Stability:
    • Once the vehicle is on jack stands, gently push the vehicle to ensure it is stable and securely in place before getting underneath it.
  • Avoid Working Alone:
    • Whenever possible, have someone nearby who can assist or call for help in case of an emergency.  

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