Tom Green Elementary in Buda canceled classes on Monday following a tragic school bus crash that claimed the lives of a young student and a driver.

The incident occurred on SH 21 near the Bastrop-Caldwell County line, with 53 individuals evaluated for injuries, 10 of whom were hospitalized. By Sunday, five remained hospitalized, including three staff members and two students.

Martin Chiroy, whose daughter was on the bus, expressed profound anguish over the incident. Thankfully, his daughter sustained minor injuries.


attachment-Flagler County Sheriff's Office (27)

The crash occurred when a concrete truck collided head-on with the school bus, causing it to roll over. Concerns over bus safety arose, particularly regarding the absence of seatbelts in the 2011 model involved.

Some questioned whether seatbelts could have mitigated the severity of the incident. Chiroy, while grappling with the trauma, emphasized the importance of not letting fear dictate his daughter's future bus rides.

"This was her first time riding the bus and first field trip. For us personally, we would like to encourage her to ride the bus in the future so she can conquer this trauma. I know life can be over at any moment. But we do not want her living with that fear, above all we want the best for her, and for her to not live in fear,” said Chiroy.

Despite the tragedy, he remains hopeful and grateful for his daughter's safety. The community mourned the loss and paid tribute to the victims, emphasizing the need to ensure safer transportation measures for students.

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