Texas is a lot of things, but we don't typically think of lousy as one. However, according to RoadSnacks, we might want to rethink things. 

A recent survey revealed 100 of the worst cities in America. 

The report ranks cities based on: 

  • % uninsured individuals
  • % uneducated adults
  • Crime Rate
  • Poverty Rate
  • Unemployment Rates
  • Adjusted Median Income
  • home prices
  • Population Density

Texas popped up on the list multiple times. With the most shocking result placing one Texas city as the 8th worst city in the entire country.

Check out the all lousy Texas cities below:

 #20. Pasadena


Most notably, this city is known for race issues. These problems may stem from the past since Pasadena used to be home to the Texas headquarters of the Ku Klux Klan.

  #18. Waco

attachment-Flagler County Sheriff's Office (49)

Despite a relatively affordable median home value, Waco's low median income compared to national averages may contribute to its ranking as one of the worst cities in America, reflecting broader economic disparities and limited job opportunities.

#15 San Antonio

attachment-Flagler County Sheriff's Office (50)

San Antonio's vibrant festivals and rich cultural heritage make it a lively and enjoyable destination, yet its placement on the worst cities list could stem from underlying economic challenges and social disparities. Despite its festive atmosphere, issues like economic struggles and crime rates may overshadow the city's vibrant spirit in rankings.

 #10. Brownsville

attachment-Flagler County Sheriff's Office (51)

Brownsville is always under heavy surveillance. Helicopters are constantly flying in the sky, patrolling for illegal border crossings. Because of the concerns around immigration, selling a home in this area has proven to be quite difficult for many.

#8. Houston

attachment-Flagler County Sheriff's Office (52)

Houston is a blast to visit with its endless entertainment options, but it's kinda funny that it snagged the #8 spot on the worst cities list. Guess every city's got its quirks, right?

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