You hear about people buying thousands or even millions of acres of land in Texas so, you would think there is no limit. Right? Well, there is ...

It's kinda tricky but, in some situations, you can only buy so much of Texas to call your very own. How much exactly depends on your family and planned useage.

In other situations, you can totally go nuts like the King Ranch in Kingsville, Texas. Bigger than the entire state of Rhode Island, it takes up a Texas sized 825,000 acres.

Ok, that's a little much. If you're not planning on running a gigantic ranching business, how much land can you have in Texas?

Well, "homestead-ers" only get so much. 10 - 200 acres, depending on your family status.

A homestead in this case consists of urban or rural property. Law firms that extensively handle residential real estate legal concerns say there is no limit on value, although there are limits on property size based on whether it is considered urban or rural. An urban homestead may be a home or a business and is limited to a total of 10 acres, while a rural homestead can be as large as 100 acres for one person or 200 acres for a family. -

If you're looking to buy land in Texas, here are a couple of things you should know:

With that in mind, happy shopping ... or homesteading ... or ranching ... or, whatever.

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