Subway has added a new commercial to their Youtube Channel and it stars Houston Texans star J.J. Watt, along with his parents and his brothers. reports the new commercial has been released to help Subway promote their new mobile app. It's always fun to see local athletes or celebrities appear in fun commercials, and this one gives us a look into what some of those long family road trips may have looked like for J.J. and his brothers back in the day.

We can be like J.J. (or his parents) and grab the Subway app to take advantage of their new BOGO sandwich deal. Watch the video and you'll see all the Watt kids jammed into the rear of the family vehicle when Dad opens the door and hops in with a round of Subway sandwiches. JJ's brother Derek corrects brother T.J on what his favorite sandwich is.

It's a familiar sound from the back seat if you have ever taken a road trip with siblings or kids. The brothers start to argue about the sandwiches when Mama Watt shuts them down from the front seat. The fun, light-hearted add with the Watt family is only:15 seconds long but it is just what we would expect from this wholesome Texas family. Great job, J.J., and family. We can't wait for football season to come back. In the meantime, maybe have a Subway sandwich.

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