One of the most contentious and hard-fought presidential elections in American history has finally come to a close with Joe Biden declared the winner.

Though Biden’s victory had been predicted in the polls for months leading up to the election, the results were remarkably close. Incumbent Donald Trump managed to win several swing states, including Florida and Ohio, two areas whose results often point to a presidential win.

Ultimately, the race for 270 electoral college votes came down to a handful of competitive states: Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

The close results in these locations, coupled with the tedious exercise of making sure every mail-in and absentee ballot was counted, made it difficult to project a winner even days after the election. In some cases, President Trump held a lead after in-person voting had concluded, only to have Biden overtake him once the mail-in ballots were assessed. Of course, 2020 saw more citizens vote remotely than ever before, a direct result of the continuing coronavirus pandemic.

Protestors made their presence heard in these pivotal states – at times arguing to either stop the count or demanding that every vote be counted.

In the end, Biden emerged victorious. Trump insists he’ll fight the results in court, but experts believe these efforts are unlikely to change the election’s outcome.

As news of Biden’s victory began spreading throughout the world, many of rock’s biggest stars took to social media to share their thoughts.


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