Alright, alright!!!  I just won $500 in a celebrity death pool!!  Finally Liz Taylor is paying off for me!!  Kidding.  Only kidding, I promise. 

First question :  Do you know what a celebrity death pool is?  Here's one popular website...http://www.cash4cadavers.com/ or for one that doesn't actually pay off, the simple  http://www.celebritydeathpool.com .  Basically, you're betting on which celebrity will die next.

Look, I'm a depraved individual.  I am creepy.  I am strange and often considered a heartless, sub-human.  But even I have never participated in a celebrity death pool.  Shocked?  Me too.  I don't actually see anything wrong with it though.  What about you?  Where do you stand on the ole, "Is it ethical?" question ? 

Somebody won $500 or a lot more on Liz Taylor's passing.  Why not you or I ?  Think about it.  When a person becomes a "celebrity", they give up tehir human rights.  They're no longer a person.  They're a "star".  A term that was once reserved for Gods and Goddesses.  They become the public's property at that point.  That's why when I hear about Britney Spears getting angry because someone slid under a stall door and took a photo of her leathery junk, I laughed.  Invasive?  Maybe.  But wasn't she the very one that strived for years to make us want her.  She encouraged us by her own ambition.  It's the classic "Deal with the Devil".   Celebrity can make for a tasty breakfast, but a sour dinner.  So why would it be any different in death?

I would say it was unethical, if we were making a "Family Death Pool", featuring the family of one our co-workers.  But a celebrity with the profile of Liz Taylor ?  I'm fine with it. 

I would genuinely like to know what you think about it.  Soooooo, what'cha got.  Let's have it.  Better yet, who've ya got next?  Michael Douglass?  Charlie Sheen?  Dustin Diamond?  Jason Alexander?  Mel Gibson?  Scarey Spice?  Barbara Wa-Wa ?  Dan Rather? 

Get the idea?  A'ight then.