If you're like Buzz and don't remember that we had a full blown conversation on air about it, we are in the midst of a ketchup shortage. It may not seem like it to us, but many restaurants are now struggling to find the condiment to keep up with demand.

I find it incredibly strange that there is a ketchup shortage in restaurants considering how many packets they give when you order take out! Nevertheless, the ketchup shortage has many restauranteurs hunting high and low for the sweet, savory condiment.

Well, if you're like me and have a bag full of ketchup packets from take out orders, then you have an opportunity to make some cash because a ketchup black market has spawned from this ketchup crisis.

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Okay, maybe "black market" is not the right term for it, but ketchup has recently become a hot commodity for online sellers. A quick search on Facebook Marketplace and you'll find some packets selling for a mere $2 to a hefty $500!

Over on eBay, you can find ketchup packets and bottles being sold to the highest bidder!


I don't think people are going to willingly pay $500 for ketchup, but, these are unprecedented times and there are no rules as to how much you can sell a single ketchup packet!

There's no word on when this ketchup crisis will be over, however, Heinz told the Wall Street Journal that they're "working around the clock". Until then, maybe you can be like Buzz and tide yourself over with some cocktail sauce?

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