This weekend KLUB Classic Rock 106.9 is bringing the LIVE music to YOU!

It's Ultimate Classic Rock Stock with Uncle Joe Benson! All through Labor Day Weekend, KLUB Classic Rock is going to present some amazing live concert performances and backstage interviews hosted by Uncle Joe himself. It's everything you already love about Ultimate Classic Rock (weeknights 7p -12a) turned up to 11!

Do you have a favorite GO TO live album? There are so many? How do we love just 1? Honestly, I couldn't have just 1 favorite if I tried! Live Pink Floyd, Rush, and Iron Maiden have never disappointed on a live album, but that's just the tip of the iceberg! We're gonna dive in so deep you're not gonna want this Labor Day Weekend to end! Remember you can text us requests all weekend with our station app, or just hit the "call us" button on your app to reach the studio without having to remember the phone number! We got you!

The music is live and the weekend is long so make sure you have the KLUB Classic Rock mobile app so you'll have all the great live classic rock with you everywhere ya go. Simply enter your phone number into the box below to begin downloading our free station app. You'll be all set to WIN CASH at the end of the month and you'll have a jump on everyone else by downloading the app now.

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