We had some fun the other night asking our listeners on the KLUB Facebook page about their favorite classic rock 'Live' albums and the crossroads did not disappoint!

KLUB Classic Rock listeners got us off to a great start, but there is lots of room left on this list. Plus, when you share your favorite we like to give out shout outs for awesome suggestions like yours! So let's take a look at the list so far so you know what's been called. Add yours to the list on social media, or text in your favorite with the free KLUB Classic Rock App. Scroll down for the latest submissions.

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Thanks to everyone who has shared! Lots of room left. Somebody post a Rush album. Pink Floyd bootlegs might be off the grid but I want to hear about those also. Let's get Live at Leeds, Live At Filmore East, No Sleep Till Hammersmith, and Rust Never Sleeps on this list somehow. You got this!

Great to see Iron Maiden on the list so soon. So many live albums to choose from with this band. They all have some pretty amazing moments even though some are better than others.

Bobby's got this!

What a cool story from Michael here. Thanks so much for sharing that with us buddy!

Thanks to Joe for getting this classic up early. Ya need Frampton like some people need more cowbell!

Great photo from Kenny showing off this Bob Seger masterpiece. Thanks, man!

Frank was actually the first to share his favorite with us. Best for last? Some would definitly say YES!

Your favorite classic rock "live" album? We wanna know!

KLUB Favorite Live Albums

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