While estimates are helpful when it comes to auctions, they don't always hit their mark. In fact, the bidding on a Kurt Cobain self-portrait caricature went way beyond what was initially expected over the weekend when the winning bidder took home the item for $281,250. When the auction was first announced, the item was expected to net around $10,000.

The Nirvana musician created a self-portrait caricature in black felt pen on TNT Music Centre stationery. In the portrait, he's playing guitar and he signed the piece "Kurdt Kobain Rock Star." Cobain's self-deprecating sense of humor is also on display as he commented, "I don't know how to play and I don't give a hoot." The drawing was initially gifted to freelance photographer Jacque Chong.

Though other items commanded more during the recent Julien's Auctions event, the bidding on the Cobain self-portrait certainly was one of the more buzzed about pieces from the auction.

Julien's Auctions
Julien's Auctions

Sometimes the estimates do hit pretty close to the mark. One of the other central pieces of the weekend auction was an Alex Van Halen custom designed Ludwig drum kit, played by Alex at over 100 shows during Van Halen's 1980 Invasion Tour. The drummer decided to put it on the block to help raise funds for the Frangioni Foundation and Mr. Holland's Opus organizations.

The kit was initially projected to go for between $200,000-$300,000 and the final bid was right in the range, selling for $230,400.

In total, nearly $5 million was shelled out or assorted music memorabilia with over 1,000 items being auctioned over the three-day event. You can see all of the items auctioned and their selling price at this location.

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