Metallica's first-ever public performance made Lars Ulrich "very nervous," the drummer remembered last week in an Instagram post where he shared the setlist from the gig that took place 37 years ago this month.

Reliving the memory via period photos and notes from an old diary, the Metallica co-founder recalled the early gig from the Bay Area thrashers evinced little in the way of original material. Instead, they focused on covers from the new wave of British heavy metal (NWOBHM), the drummer said. Swipe through Ulrich's throwback images below.

It all went down on March 14, 1982, at a venue called Radio City in Anaheim, California. And while the associated setlist info isn't exactly new (it's seemingly been parked at for a few years now), the fresh insight from the musician lends an insider's perspective to Metallica's first foray into the club circuit.

"March 14 ’82, the ‘Tallica played our first live show ever at a joint called Radio City in Anaheim, California," Ulrich wrote. "As you can tell from the notes in my diary, it was my first gig ever and I was 'very nervous.'"

Unfortunately, it seems that the first-ever Metallica show wasn't captured on film. But, alongside the gig's flier, setlist and corresponding diary entry, Ulrich's included photo hails from around the same era.

"Here for your viewing pleasure," he continued, "is a picture of your Danish drummer from later in ’82 still playing my first Camco kit (there are no pictures that exist from the first gig), the OG flyer, the setlist in my handwriting and a page from my diary describing the antics of the evening."

In the present, Metallica recently wrapped up a U.S. leg of their WorldWired Tour, and they'll join Slipknot in Australia later this year after completing their own Euorpean dates. Last week, Ulrich revealed that he lent his musical talents to the soundtrack of Triple Frontier, a film starring Ben Affleck.

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