Charles Zajicek goes by many names Grandpa, Husband, Dad, Chuck and last but not least; Firefighter. Chuck has been a dedicated FF for the City of Victoria TX for 25 yrs and is one of the most caring and dedicated people that I have ever had the opportunity to work with. He has dedicated the past few decades to being a public servant, not only to residents in Victoria County, but also those in Jackson County.    He has always been ready to help those that called and needed him during their time of emergency whether he was on or off duty.   Now he needs your help!

Charles is not a man to ask for help and has been battling this fight over the past few years, not once but twice. He won his first battle with ocular cancer and has been serving his community continuously throughout his own adversity.  About three years ago he got the call no survivor wants to receive and that was that his scans had come up with some concerning results. He was told he would need to go back in for more testing. That testing showed that he had to once again strap up and get back in the ring and fight liver cancer. Chuck has been doing well and was fighting a good fight but things drastically changed recently and forced him off of his treatment he was receiving at MD Anderson. That’s why I’m here,  asking for the communities of Victoria, Edna and his hometown of Ganado to help  him during his emergency! Charles was accepted into another trial treatment that unfortunately is not covered by insurance and will cost him thousands of dollars out of his pocket. We are challenging the public to assist us in raising as much money as we can for him so that he can get every chance to beat this horrible disease. The Victoria Firefighters Association along with the Victoria FF's Benevolence fund will match the public, dollar for dollar,  up to $8,000.00 to assist our brother during his emergency. I cannot express the gratitude in the form of words for those who donate to this cause and give Charles the opportunity to obtain the right tools to extinguish the biggest fire of his life.

Click here to help him out.

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